A Day at the Games - Calvius and Hastus

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The lunch-time session of executions was finally over.
The last of the naked, mutilated corpses were cut down from where they had been hanging from the arena wall and dragged with hooks to the 'spoilarium', - and the various crosses, stakes, racks and other implements of torture and execution were removed from the arena.
Slaves then moved in with large baskets full of fresh sand, which would be spread on the arena floor once the guts, excrement and soiled sand had been shovelled up and carted away.
Other groups of slaves then brought in huge, bronze burners, which gave off clouds of costly incense in an attempt to disguise the smell of excrement, blood and guts which had pervaded the arena during the lunchtime executions.
Finally the arena was ready for the first of the gladiatorial contests, which were the highlight of each day at the Games.
The star of that particular afternoon was a well-known individual from Gracchus' arena called Calvius ('the bald one').
Many of those who patronised Gracchus' private Arena expected to see some sex, as well as a few good kills and a certain amount of torture, and with Calvius the crowd certainly would certainly get their money's worth, and for this reason Calvius was very popular.


Calvius had been born on the estate of a rich Roman patrician, to a woman who was a household slave. He was brought up a slave, and as a child he helped in the kitchens and on the farm.
When Calvius reach his early teenage years he came to the attention of the rich patrician, and he became the patrician's catamite, (boy sex-slave).
Calvius, however, was and unruly boy, forever getting into trouble, and when he was sixteen he was caught stealing a few small items of his master's silver.
Fortunately for him, his master was quite lenient, and instead of handing him over to the authorities to be punished, his master simply sold him, and it was in this way that he came into the possession of Gracchus.
At first Calvius was used as a scene-shifter, and general 'dogs-body', looking after the gladiators armour, and tidying up after fights and executions.
Later he became an arena-slave, and when Grachus realised that the young teenager particularly like watching executions, he was made an assistant to the chief executioner. 
Noticing that Calvius was what could only be described as a 'true sadist', Gracchus later had the executioner trained up as a gladiator, and Calvius' forte became the defeating and 'dismantling' of cute young 'boy-gladiators'.

Having recently killed young Marcus, and then Ephebus, Calvius, the one-time executioner, was 'on a roll', and intended to defeat, fuck and mutilate with ease the next 'boy-gladiator' he was put up against.

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Grachus has chosen young Hastus to fight Calvius, Hastus was a little older and more experienced that the two previous boys that Calvius had fought.

Hastus was blond, tall, well muscled, well-hung and cute. He had been a boy friend of Ephebus, (when Ephebus had been 'two-timing' Felix - but now, of course, both Ephebus and Felix were dead).

For this fight Hastus wore a pale blue, full cut, conventional style loincloth, with arm-guards, cross belts and boots, and he was armed with just a spear.

Calvius was a heavy, well-muscled gladiator. He had a shaven head, but very hairy chest, belly and legs.
Like Hastus, he wore cross-belts and arm-guards and heavy leather boots. His loincloth, also like Hastus' but dark red, was in the traditional full style, covering his firm, muscular hairy buttocks.
The pouch at the front was very ample, to accommodate his bulky 'tackle', and was held in place by a white cord, and a wide, leather belt.

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Encouraged by his easy win against young Ephebus, Calvius was confident that he would defeat Hastus.

Hastus, however, was older and better muscled than Ephebus was, and he was an expert with a spear.
In addition a spear-man was usually considered to have far better odds in a fight against a gladiator with a sword, as his reach was far longer.

Calvius and Hastus at first seemed to be well matched, and the crowd were treated to a fast and furious display as the sword-fighter and spear-man tussle in the arena.

Calvius then tried to get in close, to remove Hastus' advantage of extra reach.

This was a mistake, however, because when he did so, Hastus brought his knee up sharply into Calvius' groin.

"Cunt !", Calvius groaned,
as Hastus' knee rammed
Calvius' balls right up
into his lower belly

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"Cunt !", Calvius groaned, as Hastus' knee rammed Calvius' balls right up into his lower belly, and when they instantly dropped down again, the pain for Calvius was agonising.

Unlike many fighters, Calvius couldn't 'take it' in the balls, - after all no one ever got close enough to him to do any damage there.

Because of that, Calvius immediately screamed and dropped his sword, while losing his helmet.

He then staggered away from Hastus, grabbing at his crushed balls and squealing for mercy !

"No ! No more ! Please !", Calvius squealed like a little boy, while the crowd laugh and jeer at the disabled gladiator.
Meanwhile, Calvius fumbled about inside the pouch of his loincloth, frantically trying to relieve the pain, while his bulging balls and fat prick show indecently through the thin sweat drenched material of his wrinkled loincloth.

Hastus grabbed at his
crushed balls,
squealing for mercy !
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"It's no good hangin' on to them, Calvius - you're gonna loose your bollocks today - an your prick !"

The crowd were far from impressed, and Calvius' had sealed his own fate when the time came for him to be 'finished' or released from the arena.
Because he was unaccustomed to blows 'below the belt', Calvius had dropped his sword and his shield, and had lost his helmet. He then, pathetically, and limped to the arena wall, where he tried, unsuccessfully, to make his escape.
Calvius, however, was quickly pulled back by arena-slaves, and while he was held firmly, Hastus carefully pulled the pouch of Calvius' loincloth from his defeated opponent's belt while the crowd cheered.

Calvius is stripped Naked
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No ! Please ! Don't fuckin' strip me !”, Calvius pleaded.
"No way !", said Hastus. "You stripped all your other opponents - so it time for you to be 'bollock-naked'  -before I fuck, castrate and kill you !"
Hastus was then careful to pull the loincloth away slowly, so that Calvius' bulky, hairy 'tackle' flopped out dramatically as the crowd cheered.
Calvius was remarkably 'well-hung' even by the standards of Grachus' gladiators.
His penis was long and thick, with a generous, heavily wrinkled foreskin, and his large, bulging testicles were held in a dark and deeply wrinkled scrotum.
Around his genitals was an extremely luxuriant bush of thick, curly pubic hair, which extended down his perineum to his anus, and up from his groin, in a line to his deep-set navel.
Now Calvius had already shown off his 'sex-parts' when he fucked Ephebus and Marcus, but in this case he felt really humiliated as he was stripped, against his will, by a much younger opponent.
In addition, when he got his 'tackle' out to fuck the boys he had a huge' hard-on', whereas now his prick was neither 'limp' or 'hard', but half-erect, flopping out over his bulging, hairy ball-sack like a big, bent wrinkled 'sausage'.
Once Calvius has had his loincloth and belt removed, Hastus told the arena-slaves to tie his naked opponent's hands to one of the rings set in the arena-wall.
The arena-slaves obediently tied Calvius to the arena wall. "No ! Please ! Don't do this !", Calvius pleaded, as he was bent over so that his sweaty arse was exposed, and he was completely helpless.
Hastus then picked up his spear, and using the butt, he rammed the spear up into Calvius' disgustingly hairy arse-crack.
"You cunt !", Calvius immediately squealed, and jerked forwards as the thick spear-shaft penetrated him.

Calvius Cums as he is Fucked with
a Spear-butt
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"Oh shit ! You're fuckin' my fuckin' guts !", Calvius groaned as he jerked back and forwards, grunting as Hastus roughly fucked him with the 'make-shift' dildo.
As the crowd laughed and cheered watching Calvius being roughly 'dildo-fucked', the helpless gladiator inevitably got a massive 'hard-on', with his huge stiff prick jerking each time the dildo was rammed into his arse-hole, with the shaft pushing against his prostate.
No one was quite sure if Calvius was 'cumming' during this 'dildo-fucking', although a lot of creamy, thick liquid dribbled from his jerking cock while he was being viciously buggered. 
When Hastus had finished sodomising Calvius with the spear butt, he told the arena-slaves to untie Calvius and force him down onto his hands and knees.
Hastus then pulled off his loincloth, revealing his stiff cock, which was not as big a Calvius', but was still pretty impressive.
Oh shit, no ! Don't fuck me !”, Calvius moaned, as he saw Hastus, with his stiff, jerking cock waving from side to side coming up behind him.
Look, I'd rather fuck a pretty boy, but the crowd expects me to bugger you, so that's what I gotta do !”, Hastus replied, trying to make it clear that he didn't normally fuck older men.
Shit no ! Don't do it !”, Calvius still wailed, knowing that for an older man to be buggered by a boy was one of the worst humiliations that a man in Roman society could suffer.
Now, in place of the spear butt, Hastus inserted his own prick.
Calvius grunted and groaned as Hastus slowly forced the exposed 'head' of his big stiff prick into Calvius' already stretched anus.
Calvius tried to resist the large 'knob-head' of Hastus prick, clenching his 'hole, but his 'horny' young opponent was too strong to resist, and almost imediately Calvius 'ring' opened up and Hastus had gained entry.
Once Hastus had got the whole of his thick shaft inside Calvius, he started thrusting, at first slowly but then with greater speed as he started to enjoy fucking the older man.
The last time that Calvius had been fucked was when he was a cute young teenager, many years ago, and he found it very difficult to take Hastus' big hot prick up his 'bum-hole'.

Hastus fucks Calvius
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Hurry up an' fuckin' cum !”, Calvius grunted, as he was jerked backwards and forwards as Hastus got more and more excited.
Despite, apparently wanting to get the fucking over with, Calvius had become obscenely 'hard' once again, and his big, thick cock was dribbling a long string of sticky 'pre-cum', and was rhythmically slapping against his belly in time to Hastus' vigorous thrusts, as he was roughly buggered.
Eventually Hastus' big, smooth balls pulled up into his hairy crotch, and his firm young belly muscles went taught as he started to climax.
This is it !”, Hastus grunted hoarsely, and he pulled out of Calvius' gaping, hairy arse-hole just in time to let his seed gush out over Calvius' sweaty, hairy buttocks
As soon as the laughter and bawdy comments died down among the crowd, Hastus ordered the arena-slaves to bring Calvius out into the centre of the arena.
Calvius was still horrendously 'hard' after being buggered, so Hastus then ordered the 'bollock-naked' gladiator to wank.
"Do a 'hand job' for the crowd, an' 'spunk-up', and maybe Grachus and the crowd will let you leave the arena alive !", Hastus told his 'horny' defeated opponent curtly.

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Calvius had already fucked and 'spunked-up' three times since he had entered the arena.
The first time he'd buggered Marcus, and then he'd fucked Ephebus twice, so the next 'spunk-up' would be his fourth that afternoon. Calvius, however, was disarmed, and with Hastus standing beside him with a spear, Calvius had no choice but to grab hold of his huge prick and start pulling his foreskin back and forth over his bulging, glistening 'helmet'.
"I'll do it, but let me go after this !", Calvius replied hoarsely, as he concentrated on working on his big, stiff 'tool'.
The crowd, of course, loved every moment, as the big, naked hairy gladiator obscenely 'played with himself', while his young, victorious opponent looked on, grinning.

Naked Calvius Wanks
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As Calvius pulled on his engorged shaft, his big, bulging testicles, obviously still full of spunk, flopped about provocatively in his 'low-slung', bulging ball-bag.
Seeing this, Calvius provocatively started playing with his hairy balls as well as his cock, making himself even 'hornier' in the process.
After a minute or so Calvius looked down at his huge, gleaming 'knob' with a surprised expression.
At the same time his swinging balls pulled up into his hairy crotch, and his belly muscles tightened.
"I think I'm gonna cum !", Calvius grunted to Hastus.
"Oh shit ! - Yes !", Calvius then cried out, as his hips jerked forward, as if he was fucking one of his favourite boys, and huge ropes of thick creamy spunk squirted from his gaping cock-slit.
Grunting 'Yes !' repeatedly, Calvius stood in the middle of the arena, with his hips bucking, and his left hand grasping his obscenely jerking prick, while the crowd cheered, as he splattered his thick seed all over the sand.
After a while the crowd's cheering, along with Calvius' ejaculation, died down.
Right Hastus, now let me go !”, Calvius demanded, as he wiped away the spunk that was dribbling from the end of his slowly drooping cock.
No way !”, Hastus replied, laconically, as he grinned at Calvius.
But you promised ! - You fuckin' promised”, Calvius interrupted, with a look of horrified disbelief on his face.
I did a fuckin' good 'hand job', which is what you asked for – the punters liked it – so I should fuckin' go now !”.
Yeah ! The punters like it too much – so they'll have to see some more – sorry but that's the way it is – Grachus sent a message !” Hastus replied, trying to be casual.
Fuck you !” Calvius shouted, but there was nothing he could do as two of the arena-slaves, - guys he had worked with previously, before he was a gladiator, and when he supervised executions, - had tight hold of him.
Oh shit – I'm fucked !”, Calvius groaned, looking helplessly at his two erstwhile companions, who now pushed him down onto the sand while Hastus and the crowd looked on.
The arena-slaves then pushed Calvius onto his back, and raised his legs high and then spread them, fully exposing his hairy crotch and his twitching anus.
In the end the arena slaves got poor Calvius almost completely folded over, so that his arse-hole was pointing straight up, while his floppy, hairy bollocks, and his limp prick dangled down in front of his heaving, sweaty belly. .
Young Hastus was then given a large, wooden baton, by one of the arena-slaves.
What Hastus was going to do with the thick wooden baton was obvious to everyone, including Calvius, and the unfortunate, naked gladiator started to squirm on the sand.
He was held very firmly, however by two arena-slaves.
Oh shit - no !”, Calvius moaned, as he watched Hastus intently, as the young blond boy got behind him and positioned the ominously large, thick wooden baton between Calvius' trembling, hairy legs.
No ! Not in my fuckin' arse-hole ! Please !”, Calvius pleaded, as Hastus centred the large bulbous end of the baton over Calvius' twitching anus.
Calvius' anal-ring was large, puckered, dark pink and surrounded by a curly mass of dark hair, and it was obvious that Calvius was going to resist being penetrated.
No !”, Calvius screamed, as Hastus bore down on the baton.
All Calvius' muscles went taught, and in particular the muscles of his hairy belly, his buttocks and his anus.

Calvius Impaled with a Baton
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No, you cunt !”, Calvius shouted, as he held his anal ring as tight as possible, denying young Hastus entry to his most private part.
The crowd, however, were cheering young Hastus on, eager to see the older, defeated gladiator skewered by the big, heavy baton.
Calvius, of course, could not see what was going on, but Hastus, the arena-slaves and the crowd could all see Calvius puckered arse-ring twitching and clenching tightly, as he strained to prevent himself from being impaled for a second time.
Of course, Calvius could only hold out for so long, and eventually he would have to give in, and let his aching, straining anal muscles relax.
The arena-slaves were not ready to wait, however, and the third slave went up to Calvius from the front and grabbed hold of the struggling fighter's bulging ball-sack.
Fuck ! Not my bollocks !”, Calvius moaned, as the arena-slave slowly twisted Calvius' bulky testicles.
This immediately had the desired effect, and Calvius' puckered 'hole' gradually began to open.

Calvius Impaled with a Baton
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Oh shit ! It's goin' in !”, Calvius grunted, as the bulbous end of the baton very slowly forced his straining hairy hole to open.
The arena slave then let go of Calvius' aching, twisted bollocks.
The desired result had been achieved, and Calvius huge balls flopped down over the naked fighter's slowly swelling prick.
Equally slowly the big baton started to disappear inside Calvius, and as it did so, Calvius' cock started to lengthen and swell.
I see that you like it 'up you' !”, Hastus commented, wryly, as he noticed Calvius getting aroused, while the arena-slaves looked at their one-time, now naked and ultimately humiliated colleague, and grinned.
Oh shit ! - I'm gettin' hard !”, Calvius groaned, helplessly as he saw himself becoming 'horny' as he was slowly penetrated.
The bald, naked gladiator then groaned pathetically as the shaft slowly disappeared between his fitfully jerking legs.
By then Calvius' anus was horribly stretched, as he tried to accommodate the full circumference of the bulbous end of the baton, and to make matters worse the baton was not greased, as was the usual custom when slaves were impaled.
Not only was Calvius' anus appallingly enlarged, but the unfortunate gladiator was also disgustingly 'turned on', with a huge, throbbing, jerking 'hard-on'.
Eventually all of the bulbous end of the baton disappeared inside Calvius' rectum, and his anus closed up around the considerably smaller circumference of the shaft. 
Having got the bulk of the baton inside his squirming, defeated opponent, young Hastus then bore down on the baton forcing it deep into Calvius.
Cunt ! My fuckin guts !”, Calvius moaned, as he felt the baton penetrate deep inside him.
Hastus then started to viciously fuck his helpless, naked opponent.
With the crowd laughing and cheering, it was almost impossible to hear Calvius squealing as he was brutally raped with the baton.
Fuckin' hell, no !”, Calvius screamed, as he jerked about on the sand, still held by the two arena-slaves, as young Hastus brutally fucked him. 
Oh no ! I'm gonna fuckin' piss !”, Calvius then wailed, and of course he did, as the pounding he was receiving as the baton was pumped in and out of him had battered his bladder and caused him to lose control of his sphincter.
So, as Hastus continued to fuck him, Calvius urinated uncontrollably from the gaping cock-slit of his obscenely stiff, jerking prick, and sprayed his piss all over his hairy chest, bulging belly and face, with much of it going into his open, screaming mouth.
Shit ! Fuckin' help me !”, Calvius managed to gurgle from his piss filled mouth, as the pounding in his straining, torn arse-hole seemed to go on and on.
Eventually the crowd got tired of the obscene display, and the laughter and the cheering died down as it seemed obvious that however much Hastus fucked his helpless, horny' opponent, the older guy seemed incapable of cumming, which was what everybody was waiting for.
So, in the end, Hastus pulled the bloody, shit stained baton out of Calvius' gaping, hairy hole.
Hastus then backed off, leaving Calvius still horribly impaled on his back, so that the arena-slaves could have some 'fun' with his writhing, groaning opponent.
Calvius, however was still 'horny', so, while Hastus looked on the arena-slaves 'played' with the dildo that was still poking obscenely from Calvius' stretched arse-hole, and 'played' with his hairy, bulging balls to keep him nice and 'hard'.
The arena-slaves then stretched Calvius' legs even further, and 'folded' him right over.
In this painful position Calvius found his huge, stiff prick aimed directly at his face.
One of the slaves then grabbed Calvius' erect 'tool', which was wobbling about in front of the helpless fighter's face, pulled back the straining foreskin, and stuffed the knob into Calvius' mouth.

Calvius - with a Baton Impaling
his Arse - Sucks his Own Cock
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A look of shocked surprise and horror then appeared on Calvius face as the slaves jiggled Calvius about on the sand.
Almost immediately the fact that a stiff prick was jerking in his mouth got the 'horny' fighter sucking, even although it was his own cock.
Calvius never knew that it was possible to suck his own cock, and had never seen anyone else do it, but he was now so 'excited' that 'working' on his own cock started to 'get him off', especially as he got to see his hairy balls, his stiff, veined shaft and his thick 'bush' from a completely new angle, and really close up !
Now the crowd were laughing and jeering once again as they watched the baton that was still poking out of Calvius' hairy arse-hole jerk up and down as his 'ring' responded to his growing 'excitement' as the naked gladiator sucked obscenely on his own cock.
Then, when Calvius started jerking uncontrollably, and the arena-slaves saw the hairy 'root' of his cock twitching as his spunk started pumping up his 'shaft', one of the slaves pulled the slimy 'cock-head' out of Calvius' mouth and directed it so that repeated gobs of spunk exploded over the naked gladiator's face and chest.

Calvius Cums in his
Own Mouth
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Cunt ! No !”, Calvius grunted, and his eyes stared in horror at his gaping cock-slit, as he got a face-full of his own thick, creamy spunk.
The ropes of spunk hit him in the eyes, nose and forehead, and a lot of it shot into his gaping mouth as he groaned uncontrollably at the height of his powerful orgasm.

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The two arena-slaves, who had been holding Calvius' legs then released their grip, and Calvius, still forcefully cumming, slowly lowered his legs, and finally lay out straight on the sand, panting hard after having 'spunked-up' for the fifth time that afternoon.
The arena-slaves then untied Calvius' hands, while leaving the naked fighter still impaled.
When Calvius was finally untied, he was still massively 'hard', groaning and dribbling spunk.
Calvius then got unsteadily to his knees, and sat back on his haunches, and as he did so, the end of the dildo lodged firmly in the sand and pushed up deep into his rectum.
"Shit !" Calvius grunted, and immediately got 'turned on' yet again by this, and his cock jerked up even more stiffly.
Realising he could fuck himself by moving on the firmly lodged baton, Calvius started jerking up and down on the shaft of the baton, groaning as he did so, while the crowd laughed.
Calvius then grabbed at his thick prick, which was wobbling stiffly, and had once again grown stiff, thick and long, and started 'jerking-off' while he continued to fuck himself.
"Shit ! - I can't help it ! ... I gotta fuckin' cum !", Calvius grunted, as he stared down in disbelief at his fist working his huge cock.
The arena-slaves and Hastus looked on, amazed.
They, like the crowd, assumed that either Calvius was hugely 'over-sexed', in a masochistic way, or they thought that the naked gladiator hoped to escape further punishment by putting on a really 'dirty' show for the crowd.

Calvius Fucks himself on
the Baton and Wanks
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
As he frantically fucked himself on the dildo, Calvius' prick got even 'harder', and his foreskin pulled back to show off his massively swollen, gleaming 'cock-head', which was dribbling a long, sticky, swinging string of 'pre-cum'.
Calvius, as he 'jerked-off', couldn't get his foreskin back over his 'cock-head', because the 'knob' was so swollen.
"My fuckin cock's too big !", he groaned, "It's gona burst !".
Regardles, he continued to wank, pulling on the loose skin of his 'shaft', which ensured that it was a long wank.

“Oh shit ! I'm fuckin'
'cummin' ... again !”
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After a lot of 'pulling' at his 'shaft', jerking about on the dildo, and moaning, Calvius finally groaned to the arena-slaves.
“Oh shit ! I'm fuckin' 'cummin' ... again !”.
He then jerked his hips forward and started squirting his sixth 'load' of thick, creamy 'man-juice' over the sand while the crowd cheered and the arena-slaves watched, amazed.
At this point the organisers of the games called Hastus away, and Calvius is left to be further abused by the arena-slaves, while preparations are made for the next fight.
Once Calvius had finished 'spunking-up' yet again, the arena-slaves grabbed hold of Calvius and forced him to kneel down on his hands and knees.
Calvius had now resigned himself to his fate, and didn't try to make any attempt to escape.
The first job they had was to extract the baton from Calvius' arse.
While two slaves held on to Calvius' hips, the third pulled at the baton, steadying himself by placing one foot on the naked fighter's buttock, and very slowly the stained baton emerged from Calvius' anus, while Calvius groaned in obvious pain.
Then, while Calvius still knelt submissively on the sand, the three arena-slaves pulled down their tights and loincloths, as they prepared to abuse their 'captive' gladiator.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
All three slaves were really 'hard' from watching Calvius being fucked by young Hastus, fuck himself and then wank, so they were only too happy to relieve themselves by 'abusing Calvius.
While one slave knelt in front of Calvius, and made him 'suck cock', the other got behind the naked fighter and fucked him from the rear.
Once the slaves had 'cum', one up Calvius' arse and the other in his mouth, they changed places, and this went on until Calvius had been fucked 'both ends' by all three arena-slaves.
Surprisingly, while this was going on, Calvius said nothing, and showed no signs of being aroused, as he simply jerked back and forth as he was arse and mouth fucked, while his limp prick dangled pathetically between his hairy legs.
Once they were finished fucking Calvius and making him 'suck cock', they turned the moaning fighter over onto his back.
Please ! No more !”, Calvius begged, as the arena-slaves lifted and spread Calvius' legs and then shoved the huge baton up his hairy arse-hole once again to get him 'hard'. 

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
The slaves then stripped Calvius of his boots, belts and arm-guards, tied a stout pole under his arms, and left him stark 'bollock-naked' on the sand.
Calvius then knew that he would almost certainly be killed, as defeated fighters were usually stripped completely naked before being 'finished-off'.
Stark naked, and lying on his back, the arena-slaves then decided to see just how many times they could make Calvius 'cum'.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
The crowd, of course were loving every minute of the action, and cheered the arena-slaves on as they took it in turns to either 'toss-off' the helpless, naked gladiator, or force him to wank.
Calvius had already 'cum' six times that afternoon.
The arena slaves got him to spunk up two more times, but on the third wank Calvius seemed to have a problem.
He stayed nice and 'hard', but didn't seem to be able to 'cum'.
Please ! No more !”, Calvius groaned, as he watched the slave pumping away at his obscenely stiff cock.
Calvius' hairy legs were spread, and his hips were raised up off the sand, with his belly muscles straining, but he didn't seem to be able to reach a climax.
Oh shit ... no !”, he then bellowed loudly, as his legs started to tremble, and his hairy balls tightened up, and he started to 'cum', but instead of a huge gush of spunk, there was just a tiny dribble, and it seemed as if the 'mega-stud' Calvius had finally been pumped dry.
"I can't cum, guys ! ... I'm fucked dry !", Calvius moaned, as he looked at his still jerking, and still stiff cock.
Now that Calvius' balls were apparently empty of spunk, the arena-slaves had no further use for him as a 'sex plaything', so the slaves decided to drag Calvius to his feet and, while he stood naked and impaled, they tied a thin piece of cord round the hairy 'root' of his 'privates'.
Realising what was about to happen, Calvius was horrified at the prospect of 'ball-torture'.
Please ! No, guys ! Not my fuckin' bollocks !”, but they just ignored him, and hung a large stone weight to the cord dangling from Calvius' hairy crotch.
Cunt !, Calvius squealed, as the slave holding the stone released it, and Calvius' hairy balls and his prick suddenly had to take the weight.
The crowd were then laughing once again, as the arena-slaves then forced Calvius to waddle round the arena, stark naked, with the huge baton up his hairy arse and the weight swinging from his horribly stretched 'privates', while Calvius screaming that his balls were 'gonna come off', 'amused' the crowd as he staggered round the arena.
Now despite the fact that Calvius had been 'pumped dry', he was still very 'horny', and as his penis had been tied off by the slip-knot of the cord, it then became horribly engorged with blood, becoming thick, and long, with all the veins standing out on the ridged shaft.
In addition Calvius' straining foreskin pulled right back, revealing his gleaming, dark knob. Because of the weight, however, Calvius' prick was unable to raise itself, and instead pointed down at the sand.
The slaves then removed the weight, and untied the cord, but poor Calvius' punishment was by no means over, and in fact the worst possible punishment, apart from being killed that is, was about to be given to him at this point.
Moments later Calvius was forced to stand with his legs spread again, while the arena slaves tied, not a cord, but a wire noose round the hairy root of his genitals.
Please no ! Don't rip my 'privates' off !”, Calvius shrieked, realising what was about to happen. The arena-slaves ignored him, however, and attached a very heavy stone weight to the end of the wire.

Calvius Fucks himself as
he is Sexually Nullified
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
This weight was released gently, as it was heavy and was attached to a thin, sharp wire noose, so that it wouldn't immediately castrate Calvius.
"Fuck !" Calvius grunted as the thin wire bit into the thick, throbbing root of his engorged genitals.
Instinctively, Calvius wanted to bend his legs, to let the weight rest on the sand, but the baton up his arse-hole prevented him from doing this.
While the arena-slaves looked on, and the crowd cheered and laughed, the wire inexorably tightened on the root of Calvius' stretched 'privates'.
Everybody, including Calvius, knew that it was just a matter of time before Calvius' bulging genitals were completely severed by the wire, leaving him totally sexless, but the crowd were fascinated to see how long naked Calvius would be able to bob up and down, and wriggle, before the inevitable happened.
Help ! For fuck sake ! - I'm gonna loose my fuckin' bollocks an' cock !”, Calvius begged, as he started panicking uncontrollably.
As far as the crowd was concerned naked Calvius was giving them a really amusing performance, as he jerked up and down in the centre of the arena, still sporting huge, dribbling erection.
First he tried to go down, to rest the weight on the sand, but as soon as he did that, the butt of the baton hit the sand and was forced up into his guts.
Despite this Calvius tried to lower himself even further, forcing the baton further up inside himself.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
When he could no longer take the pain, he then had to pull himself up, causing the weight to swing, which made the wire tighten on the root of his 'privates', which then forced him to bend his legs again, forcing the baton up into his guts.
In this way, Calvius, unintentionally ended up fucking himself with the thick, wooden baton in front of the cheering crowd
This went on for a few minutes, but with each movement Calvius made, the wire bit into  the hairy root of his 'privates', slowly castrating him.
Oh cunt ! My fuckin' bollocks 'ave cum off ! - I'm castrated ! - A fuckin' eunuch !”, Calvius squealed, like a castrated pig, as he felt the wire cut through his cords, causing his severed testicles to drop down into his bulging scrotum.
Moments later the wire cut all the way through his 'cock-root', severing his huge, jerking penis, -  and then the wire finally severed his scrotum, which contained his already detached balls.

Calvius Castrated
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
"Fuck !My bollocks and cock !", Calvius shrieked as the weight then thumped down onto the sand, and Calvius, squealing in agony, and totally castrated, fell over onto his back, with blood pumping from his hairy, mutilated crotch.
While he was still writhing, and screaming about his 'prick' and his 'bollocks', which were lying on the sand by his feet, the arena-slaves hurried to staunch the flow of blood which was rhythmically squirting from his twitching, hairy stump.
Despite having been castrated, Calvius was still appallingly sexually aroused, and his nervous system was still pumping blood to his penis to maintain his 'hard-on', despite the fact that his severed 'dick' (with his well-filed scrotum still attached) was now lying on the sand between his twitching, hairy thighs.
He was loosing blood very fast, and so the arena slaves quickly cauterised the bloody stump with a red hot iron.
"Oh shit !", Calvius grunted, as the squirting blood hissed, turning to steam as the cauterising iron sealed all the blood vessels in his cock-stump.
They made sure, however, to open the urethral opening, so that Calvius could either piss or cum while he was being executed.
At the same time, one of he slaves picked up Calvius' severed cock, which was still erect, and cauterised the cut end, thus ensuring that, even although it was no longer attached to Calvius, it would remain erect, stiff and 'hard'.
He then carefully cut away the bulging scrotum, and returned both sex-parts to the sand.
Then, the slaves once again removed the wooden baton from Calvius' hairy arse-hole.
While moaning Calvius writhed on the sand, a message from Grachus came for the leading arena slave.
"Bad luck, Calvius - Grachus wants you gutted and impaled." the slave told Calvius, who was still writhing  and shitting himself on the sand.
"No ! Not my belly ! - Don't cut my belly ! - Please !", Calvius croaked.
But it was useless.
The unfortunate fighter was to be disembowelled for the amusement of the crowd, and then later, while still alive, he was to be impaled through his anus - literally sat on to of a huge impaling spike.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
So, while Calvius lay helpless on the sand while the crowd looked on with obvious satisfaction, one of the arena-slaves bent down and deftly slit open Calvius' heaving, hairy belly, - from his navel to pubic bone, cutting through his thick, curly bush, with a knife.
Cunt ! No ! My fuckin belly !", Calvius squealed as the arena-slave then shoved his hand into the long slit in Calvius' jerking belly, and 'fished out' some of the writhing, castrated gladiator's stinking guts.
"Shit ! My fuckin' guts !”, naked Calvius squealed as he stared in disbelief at his slimy entrails.
Calvius, who was still lying on his back, with his legs spread, and his steaming guts draped over his hairy, mutilated groin, was then handed his severed prick and his balls.
"There you are, Calvius ! You've never seen them like this, 'ave you ?", the arena slave said, with a grin, holding out Calvius' severed genitals.
The crowd were fascinated as they watched the disbelieving and confused  fighter take hold of his 'sex parts', which were now no longer attached to his body.
"Fuck ! My fuckin' bits ", Calvius grunted, as he looked intently at his huge, still stiff penis, with its foreskin pulled back, and its shiny purple 'helmet', still exposed, and his heavy ball-sack, complete with his hefty balls.
And Calvius thought of the endless times, from boyhood right up to his performance in the arena that day, when he had repeatedly pulled his foreskin over that massive 'helmet' and brought himself to orgasm.
And then there were the very many boys he had fucked, both during fights in the arena, during 'sex shows' held in Grachus' villa, and sometimes in 'stolen' moments.
And he regretted that he had not used his remarkable 'equipment' to sire sons - but in fact he was mistaken.
Many of the young slaves born on Grachus' estates were in fact his - the result of couplings with slave-girls during 'sex shows' held in Grachus' villa.
Most times, when he was cumming,  he was require to spray his creamy, copious spunk over the girl's breasts or face, but there were times when he was allowed to squirt his thick seed deep into the moaning girl's cunt - an on some of these occasions, unknown to him, he had sired children.
Having looked at his now useless genitals, Calvius then groaned and laid his sex-parts down on the sand.
Immediately the arena slaves threaded cords round the severed genitals, and hung the massive 'parts' round Calvius' neck.
The thick wooden baton which had been rammed up Calvius' rectum was then removed.
As it came out Calvius grunted, and hairy arse-hole stretched open, and he farted very loudly, and then squirted out semi-liquid shit.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
Calvius was then dragged to his feet by two of the arena-slaves.
As he stood up, more shit dribbled from his hairy 'hole, and piss dribbled from his bloody, penile stump.
Barely able to stand, he was then dragged over to an impaling stake that had been set into the arena floor.
"Shit ! My fuckin guts are commin' out !" Calvius groaned pathetically.
With each step he took, more of Calvius' steaming guts slid out of the widening gash in his hairy, convulsing belly, and flopped obscenely against his sweaty thighs.
No !... Please !... Finish me now !.. I can't take any more of this !”, Calvius pleaded with the arena-slaves as they manhandled him into a position where they could place him on the impaling stake.
While Calvius ineffectually struggled, the three arena-slaves picked him up and centred his already gaping, hairy anus over the metal stake.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
No ! Don't sit me on that !, Calvius squealed, “Not that up my fuckin' bum-hole !”, Calvius pleaded.
The arena-slaves, however, pretended not to hear their hysterical, one-time colleague's calls for mercy, and slowly sat poor naked Calvius on the stake.
Shit !.. Finish me !”, Calvius screamed, as he slowly began to slide down the stake.
Oh fuck !.. My arse !”, Calvius squealed, as the top of the stake quickly disappeared inside him.
By this time Calvius was jerking uncontrollably on the stake, with the bloody coils of his guts, like long strings of pink sausages, hanging down almost to his trembling knees.
Fittingly, hanging from the part of the arena wall that he was facing were the naked, mutilated corpses of Marcus and Ephebus, the two boys he had killed earlier.
Calvius, however, was by then in a far worse state than either of the boys had been before they died, as naked Calvius was now completely castrated - balls and cock, and had been disembowelled and anally impaled.
Calvius, when he was an executioner, had castrated and disembowelled many condemned slaves, but at this point in his life he was unfortunate enough to experience such terrible torture himself, and finally realised the appalling humiliation and agonising pain he had inflicted on his victims.
Calvius was then removed from the first impaling stake, and taken to another stake where he would be finally executed.
At this point Hastus, accompanied by his young catamite, came to watch naked Calvius as he writhed obscenely with the huge impaling shaft up his arse.
"Fuck off you cunt !", Calvius screamed, when he saw Hastus.
"Look what they've fuckin' done to me !..... Why didn't you just finish me off !"
Now I've got no fuckin' bollocks or cock... I been fuckin' gutted.. and Iv'e been sat on this fuckin' spike !"
But Hastus ignored the hysterical cries of his erstwhile opponent, and instead spoke to the arena slaves, who untied Calvius' 'sex-parts' and showed them to Hastus and his boyfriend, while another slave was cutting open Calvius' dangling, sausage-like guts so that their stinking, steaming contents could dribble down onto the sand.
Watching the slaves and Hastus and his boyfriend, handling, examining and joking about his severed sex-parts was yet another humiliation that Calvius had to endure as he was tortured in the arena, and once Hastus and his boy had examined Calvius' bulky 'privates', noting the hairiness of the bulging 'ball-sack' and the length and thickness of the penis, they handed the genitals back to the third slave.
The slave then busied himself as he tied Calvius' severed 'privates' round the struggling, naked fighter's neck once again.
Later, of course, when Calvius had been 'finished off', the arena officials would present 'bald' Calvius' severed genitalia to Hastus as a gory trophy of his victory in the arena.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
"Cunt ! My belly !", Calvius groaned, as his heavily muscled body, gleaming with sweat, slowly sunk down on the iron shaft, impaling himself and squashing and bursting what remained of his guts that were still inside him.
And while he struggled and jerked obscenely on the impaling stake, he screamed obscenities at Hastus, his catamite, and the arena-slaves about his 'arse-hole', 'prick', 'bollocks' and 'guts'.
By that time however, the crowd had tired of watching Calvius being tortured and killed, and were eager for a new fight to start.
Grachus, sensing that the crowd were growing restless, sent a message to Hastus to 'finish-off' the newly unsexed, disembowelled and impaled Calvius.
When Hastus got the message, he left his young boy-friend to watch Calvius – hairy, disemboweled and castrated - writhing, and went behind the dying, naked gladiator.
Hastus then took out his sword, and with one deft stroke lopped off groaning Calvius' head.
Calvius' head, with its eyes almost popping out of its head - staring in shock, and its mouth wide open, flew off to one side, and bounced once on the sand.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
Meanwhile a strong fountain of blood bubbled and gushed from Calvius' severed neck, as the naked, sweaty body, which was still alive for a few moments, jerked convulsively on the stake, with its belly muscles rippling, and piss spurting from the bloody stump where its penis has once been.
Then the flow of blood subsided, as Calvius' heart stopped beating, and the blood-drenched body slowly went pale and limp, and dropped down fully onto the impaling stake.
Hastus then took a last look at his defeated and dead opponent, as an arena-slave neatly placed Calvius' severed head at the foot of the impaling stake.
Hastus and his boyfriend, intent on a celebratory fuck, then left the arena, leaving Calvius' naked, mutilated, headless corpse on the stake for the remainder of the games, - a mute reminder of the fate that could await an inept fighter.
That was not the end of Calvius' humiliation, however.
The big, shaven headed gladiator might be dead, but there was the disposal of his remains.
As was usual, the naked, mutilated body was taken to the 'Spoilarium'.
There Calvius' corpse was effectively butchered into manageable portions, which could be fed the carnivores of the Public Arena.
Calvius, was not to be forgotten, however.
He was famous for his sexual prowess, and his huge 'endowment' - he was 'hung like a horse'.
His huge penis therefore, with the ball-bag still attached, was to be preserved.
The penis had been quickly cauterised after it had been severed, and so it was still massively erect.
Coin-purse - made from
Calvius' Scrotal Sack
Bronze cast of Calvius'
penis being used as a
dildo on a blond, naked

While dead Calvius' body-parts were being fed to the animals of the public arena, a number of plaster casts were being made of his genitals.
The scrotum, still containing the testicles, was then separated.
The scrotal sack (ball-bag) was emptied of Calvius' testicles, which were scooped out, and discarded as so much rubbish.
The sack was then washed, shaved, and tanned.
A red fabric lining was then sewn in, and brass rings studded around the edge to take a thick red close, used to close the opening.
This coin-purse was then presented to Gracchus.
The plaster casts of Calvius' huge erect penis were eventually cast in bronze, and in some cases silver, to be sold as dildos.
As such, the dildos were used on occasions at Gracchus' banquets, where they would be used during 'sex-shows' on slave boys. 

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

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