Roman Boy Gladiators

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The street corners and alley-ways of Rome were full of homeless, orphaned boys, who lived by their wits, stealing and offering themselves for 'rough-sex', often up against a wall in a dark back-street.

Taken from 'Calvius and the Boy Gladiators'
part of the 'A Day at the Games Series'
Gracchus was always on the look out for cheap slaves, and had his agents 'trawl' the streets regularly for such 'urchins' and 'rent-boys'.
Some boys, who were picked up from the streets, were used to work in the gladiatorial, wrestling and boxing schools, and were often required to 'reward', with sexual favours, those fighters who were victorious in the arena.
The better looking lads were pampered with baths, massages and exercise routines.
They were also taught various sexual techniques by Grachus' most experienced catamites, and they were then hired out to patricians for the regular 'sex-shows', which formed an essential part of the all-male, lavish dinner-parties held in the palatial villas of the wealthy and privileged.
The more muscular lads were given some rudimentary training, mainly to help build up their muscles, and were then shaved and oiled, and sent out into the arena to serve as 'arena-fodder', as the crowd particularly favoured smooth, very young boy-fighters.
The boys were rarely used as boxers, as the crowd preferred very well-muscled and 'well-hung' young 'studs', and older fighters.
Boy-wrestlers, however, were very popular, as they were usually required to fight 'Greek-style', (as the Romans called it), - stark-naked, - and all the tussling and writhing about on the sand ensured that the 'horny' young lads showed off all their 'assets' to the full, in the obscene displays that they gave in the arena.
Many of these naked young 'boy-wrestlers' became very popular, and as they sustained very few disfiguring injuries in the course of their fights, they remained cute and pretty, and were often hired out to rich patrician for 'sex-shows', and as catamites (boy sex-slaves).
Boy-gladiators were the least fortunate of these one-time street-lads, as eventually they were inevitably put up against older, more experienced gladiators.
Against older fighters the 'boy-gladiators', who often fought nude, stood little chance, and usually they got horribly 'abused', being raped and forced to masturbate for the amusement of the crowd, and inevitably they came to a very 'sticky-end', being castrated and often disembowelled, and then left, stark naked, to thrash about on the sand, humiliated and mutilated, with the crowd cheering as they died in appalling agony.


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Ephebus and Felix were two examples of the typical type of boy-fighter.
Picked up in a Roman suburb, these two lads were orphans, who had teamed up, and managed to survive by attracting older men for sex.

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Felix would be the bait, as he was blond and cute, and Ephebus, being older and bigger, would come in later and help to forcibly relieve the unfortunate 'punter' of his cash.
Picked up by Grachus' agents, the delinquent young lads were given the choice of appearing before the local magistrates, or becoming slaves in one of Grachus' establishments. As an appearance before the magistrate would almost certainly result in a death sentence, the boys were prepared to become Grachus' slaves.
Compare to their previous life, life in the gladiatorial school was very good.
Admittedly the training was hard, and very occasionally having to let an older, 'horny' gladiator have his way with them was not always pleasant, but the food was good, and at least they had a bed guaranteed for them every night.

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In the gladiatorial school Ephebus and Felix were allowed to remain friends, and they were permitted to share a cell. The boys regularly had sex together, and occasionally they were required to 'perform', either for Grachus himself or, on occasions, for some of his friends.
A life of gymnastics, weapons training, bathing and massages turned the two young street 'arabs' into nicely muscled,handsome young boys.
As time went by, both boys were hired out to appear at rich patrician's villas, where they would fuck, wank and suck cock for the amusement of the quests. Occasionally they were also required to wrestle naked for the patricians, with the winning boy being given the privilege of fucking the loser.
Finally the boys were sent into the arena, first to wrestle, and later as boy-gladiators.
The wrestling just involved 'fuck-fights', where the winner, as in the villa appearances, would be expected to bugger the loser, and these kind of fights, not surprisingly, were very popular in Grachus private arena.
Gladiatorial fights were a different matter, as the loser was often mutilated and killed.
Ephebus and Felix were lucky in their first fights, and were able to defeat, fuck and kill their younger opponents'.
Finally, however, Grachus' agents found a number of new boys, whom Grachus then tended to favour more than Ephebus and Felix.
The boy's cell was now needed for some newcomers, so Grachus, as was his way, decided that he needed to be rid of the two boys.
Grachus was above all a good showman, and he knew that his audiences needed to regularly see good fights that ended with spectacular deaths. Equally the spectators like to see an unusual twist to the simple combat format. Brother fighting brother, boy fighting older 'stud', old man fighting young man - these were all good variations that the crowd liked to see.
In the case of Ephebus and Felix it would be a fight between two friends who were also boy-lovers, and it would be made clear to the audience in posters and programmes that these boys were lovers who would now have to fight each other to the death.


It was in this way that Ephebus and Felix found themselves entering the arena, kitted out as gladiators, one afternoon.
Ephebus, with dark hair, and slightly older, wore a very high waisted 'cachè-sex', (very small loincloth), made of the very finest white linen, which nicely exposed the sides of his smooth, boyish belly, and left little to the imagination with regard to the boy's obviously quite large 'privates'.
With just two thin cords running up either side of his tight little buttocks, at the rear, the crowd also got a good view of the handsome lad' muscular, smooth backside.
Felix, the other lad, was blond, with golden, tousled hair, and was very young and cute.
The crowd gave a great cheer when Felix entered the arena as he was to fight 'Greek-style', without a loincloth, and therefore 'bollock-naked'.
Either because he was very young, or had been very skilfully depilated, he had no pubic hair, or any body hair at all !
Despite the young Felix's youth, however, he was unnaturally 'well-endowed'.
By the time Flix entered the arena his thick long 'boy-tool' was already quite 'stiff', either from the aphrodisiacs he had already been given, or from the thought of appearing naked with his young lover in the arena, while below his hefty prick was the very loose,  'low-slung', smooth, hairless pouch of skin, his boyish 'ball-sack', that contained his bulky testicles.
If this fight had ended with a sexual encounter, it would have been very exciting, but unfortunately young Felix's inexperience caused the fight to end prematurely.
This,of course, annoyed Grachus intensely, and confirmed his decision that Ephebus should be killed that afternoon.

Ephebus and Felix
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Both lads appeared very 'aroused' right from the start, which pleased the crowd, with young Ephebus quite obviously 'tenting' the long, white pouch of his thin loincloth with a sizeable bulge, while Felix's unnaturally thick prick had raised itself, and lengthened considerably, while his smooth, low-hanging balls swing about obscenely.
The fight began with the inevitable sparing, with Felix, with his stiff prick bouncing around provocatively, looking the least experienced of the two lads.

Ephebus and Felix
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Felix had no idea of how to use his shield properly, - exposed his front, and Ephebus lunged forward and wounded the naked boy in the belly, with the sword.
"Fuck !" Felix cried out, as he dropped his sword and his shield and simply stood, skewered through his middle, while Ephebus picked up Felix's discarded weapon.
While the crowd cheered and laughed, the two young boys stood facing each other.
Ephebus was standing looking, with a broad grin, at his impaled opponent, while young Felix started crying as he lost control of his bowels and bladder and started shitting and pissing on the sand.
As he stood fouling himself, he stared at Ephebus with a helpless look, as if unable to believe what his young opponent and his friend at the Gladiatorial School, had just done to him !
"Oh no, - you've fuckin' skewered me !", young Felix whined, as he fell to his knees, still fouling himself, with his jerking cock spraying steaming piss over the sand.
By now, although his prick was still long and thick, it had begun to droop a little.
It was unlikely that Ephebus would be interested in raping the boy, as Felix had fouled himself badly, and his arse-hole and crack were by then far from inviting.

Ephebus and Felix
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Ephebus, however, had got really horny watching naked Felix being skewered in front of the crowd, and wanted desperately to see his 'one-time' boyfriend jerk-off and cum one last time.
By this time Felix was crawling around on the sand, begging for help.
While this was going on, Ephebus called for an impaling baton from one of the arena-slaves.
"Oh no ! Don't impale me !", Felix moaned, as he crawled towards the arena wall to try to get away from Ephebus.
"Not that ! Not up the bum !".
Moments later Ephebus had been given the thick wooden baton, and proceeded to ram it into helpless young Felix's rectum.
"Shit ! My arsehole !", Felix squealed.
The baton, however, had the required effect, and it jerked spasmodically, as Felix's sphincter repeatedly tensed, and the naked little boy started to get really 'hard'.
Great, Felix ! That's just what we wanted !", Ephebus chortled, as he watched young Felix's cock get long and hard.
The crowd too saw what was happening, and cheered and applauded.
"Get the dirty little cunt to wank !" - "Make 'im 'jerk-off' !" - "Let's see the wanker's spunk !" the crowd called, enthusiastically.
Ephebus and Felix
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"Get up Felix !", Ephebus said roughly, as he pulled his young friend to his feet.
"You're a cunt, Ephebus !', the boy moaned, but at least he had the strength to stand.
Ephebus then spread the naked boy's legs - wider and wider - by degrees, pressing down on Felix's head, so that eventually the poor, skewered boy had his legs so wide that the end of the baton touched the sand.
"Right, Felix ! - You're really hard - so give us all a good show, an' jerk-off - an' cum over the sand ! - If you do it well, Gracchus may let you get out of here alive."

Ephebus and Felix
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"Ok ! I'll try !", young Felix grunted, and grabbed hold of his huge, jerking cock.
"Shit ! It's so fuckin' hard !", Felix mumbled.
Felix legs so so widely spread, that once he started jerking-off he had difficulty maintaining his balance - so Ephebus put one hand on Felix arm to steady him.
"Help me, Ephebus, I really need to cum now !" Felix pleaded and he pulled violently on his now hugely engorged 'horse-cock'.
Soon Felix was dribbling pre-cum on the sand, while the crowd cheered him on.
"Come on, son ! Squirt your stuff !" "Let's see your spunk - you little wanker !", were some of the more polite comments coming from the crowd.
Ephebus and Felix
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By this time Felix's large, low-hanging balls were moving in their hairless sack as the naked, impaled lad approached his orgasm.
Felix looked up at Ephebus, and straight at the cheering crowd as he beat his meat even more frantically.
"This is it !", he mumbled, and then his whole body jerked upward.
"Shit ! Shit ! - I fuckin' cummin' !", he cried out, as his hugely engorged cock jerked, and he started spurting out ropes of thick, creamy 'boy-juice'.
"Go on ! - Squirt your stuff !", Ephebus said, with a big grin on his face, as he watched his naked, convulsing friend experiencing his last ever orgasm.
As Felix's spunk squirting subsided, poor little guy was unable to keep his balance, and fell over, onto his back.
The baton was now jerking obscenely in his stretched arse-hole with each squirt, and his cock twitched on his taught belly, as it dribbled out the last of his copious cum.


While an arena slave held Felix by his shoulders, Ephebus then pulled the thick, wooden baton from Felix's  anus.
It came out with a plop, while Felix, who was still recovering from his orgasm, grunted, - and the end of the baton was stained with excrement and blood.

Ephebus and Felix
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Ephebus the repeated his previous move, forcing Felix to spread his legs wider and wider.
"Shit ! You're dislocating my fuckin' legs !", Felix groaned, as he finally finally ended up with his crotch on the sand, and his practically dislocated legs spread out either side of him.
As was said before, Felix was unnaturally 'well-endowed', considering his extreme youth, with a very 'low-slung' ball-sack.
Ephebus took advantage of this, and roughly grabbed hold of the well-filled 'ball-bag' of his young opponent. 
Ephebus then roughly pulled the hysterical lad's scrotum out onto the sand so that it just showed between his buttocks.
"Cunt ! My fuckin ball-bag !", Felix moaned as his scrotum was stretched horribly, "Watcha fuckin' doin' ?".
At the other end, where his cock lay on the sand in front of him, Felix's foreskin pulled back, as his scrotum was stretched, and the 'head' of his hefty prick was fully exposed in the process.
Probably realizing what was about to happen to him Felix, who had his prick, which had now become stiff again, draped out on the sand in front of him, and his balls poking out from between his buttocks behind him, started to scream to the crowd for mercy. 
"Please spare me !", he screamed. "Don't let 'im cut off my 'nuts' !".
The crowd, of course, were watching and laughing, fascinated at the sight of the blond, cute, naked boy, stretched out on the sand, with his balls pulled one way and his cock pulled the other way.
Those in the crowd who had realized what Ephebus was about to do were all calling for Ephebus' naked young opponent to be castrated !
"Cut the kid's balls off !" - "Make the blond cunt a fuckin' eunuch !", they were calling.

Ephebus and Felix
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Young Felix could only sit on the sand with his legs horribly stretched, screaming, "Don't cut my bits off - please !", to Ephebus, while Ephebus used Felix's own sword to slowly slice off, from the rear, the young lad's bulging, stretched balls !
'FUCK ! My fuckin' bollocks !', Felix squealed in agony, as he felt Ephebus' sword saw through the skin of his scrotum, and then sever his cords, thus freeing his testicles.
"You've cut my fuckin' balls off !", Felix squealed, stating the obvious.
What Ephebus didn't see, however, while he was busy at Felix' rear, cutting off the lad's balls, was young Felix squirting out his spunk onto the sand as his cords were severed, although he did hear Felix groan, just as the boy always used to groan, when he 'spunked-up' when they were having sex.
That very strong 'spunk-up', spraying 'boy-seed. across the sand, was seen, however, by only half the crowd.
At this point Felix was no longer aware of what was happening to his balls, as they were no longer part of him - and was lost in the relief of his massive orgasm, and was gazing in disbelief at the splatters of gleaming, creamy white spunk on the sand.
"I've cum !", Ephebus groaned.
Ephebus, of course, had hold of Felix's balls.
Ephebus, with a really big bulge in his skimpy loincloth, then came round to the front of Felix and saw the strings of creamy spunk splattered out on the sand.
"You dirty little tosser, Felix ! You've been spunkin'-up while I was cuttin' you down to size round the back !".
"Well here's your bollocks, - much good they'll do you !", Ephebus said, with a big grin on his face, and with that he handed poor young Felix the severed boody 'ball-bag' which still contained the blond lad's testicles.
Stupidly, Felix thanked Ephebus, not really understanding at this point what had happened to him.
A cheer went up from the crowd, along with a lot of laughter at the dazed boy, who was spread out on the sand looking in disbelief at his own bloodied bollocks, which were now lying in the palm of his hand.
Seeing the lad in his half-mutilated state, some of the crowd were now calling for the naked, blond young lad to lose his penis.
"Finish the job !" - "Cut the little eunuch's prick off !" - "Slice the wanker's knob off !", the crowd called out, cruelly.
Felix, ignoring the crowd, looked intently at his severed balls.
"Why did you cut my fuckin' bollocks off ? I'm fuckin' 'finished' now !', he moaned as he held up his severed, bloody testicles to Ephebus.
Ephebus, who had to go with the crowd, tried to ignore his friend, and prepared to complete his young opponent's mutilation.
Felix had been unable to get up after his legs had been spread appallingly wide.
Now, after having his balls cut off, he was helpless, and could only sit on the sand, spread-legged, while Ephebus did what he wanted with him.
The naked young boy's stiff prick was stretched out in front of him on the blood stained sand, and it was still thick and long, and jerking up off the sand as it responded to the final weak pumping out of his creamy 'boy-juice'.
"Oh no ! Not my 'willy' as well !", Felix groaned, as Ephebus, who had no choice in the matter, brought his sword down and sliced off the poor lad's exposed 'tool'.
Young Felix's thick penis stayed lying on the sand, although now it was detached from Felix's smooth, hairless groin, and blood was pumping from the boy's stump.
"What about all the wanking and fucking we did ? What can I do now ?", Felix squealed pathetically as he gazed down at the last vestige of his 'boy-hood', which was now no longer part of him.


Ephebus, of course, was trying to forget all the time that he and Felix had enjoyed themselves together, fucking, wanking and sucking.
He was experienced enough to know that it was either him or his young friend, and he would have to forget his boyish crush on cute young Felix, and continue to do some pretty appalling things to his erstwhile boyfriend if he was to stay in Grachus' 'good books', and stay alive.
And anyway, he could always get another boyfriend after he had 'finished-off' poor Felix !
(Little did Ephebus know, however, that Grachus had other plans for him, and there would be no new boyfriend for Ephebus, because Ephebus would end up dead and mutilated, hanging beside Felix, that very afternoon !)
Meanwhile, an arena slave went over to Felix with a red hot iron.
"No ! Don't burn me ! - Please !", Felix groaned.
Pushing Felix forwards onto the sand, the slave first cauterised what was left of Felix's scrotum.
"Fuck !", Felix squealed, as the smell of burning flesh wafted across the sand.
The slave the pulled Felix backwards, exposing his cock-stump, which was rhythmically pumping out spurts of blood.
"No ! Not my prick !", Felix squealed.
"Shut it - cunt ! You aint got no pick !", the slave replied, as he cauterised the jerking, bloody stump.
"Fuck ! It burns !", Felix screamed, stating the obvious, as the crowd laughed.
Finally, Felix severed penis, which was still erect, was cauterised at the base, to keep it stiff.
Ephebus, however, was then intent on finishing off Felix in as spectacular and painful a way possible. 
To do that he then dragged Felix to his knees by his hair, and the sobbing boy groaned as Ephebus then stuffed the severed prick into Felix's mouth, to stop him moaning.
Ephebus then pushed his naked, viciously un-sexed friend's face into the sand.
With Felix's tight little buttocks raised up, Ephebus used the large wooden baton, handed to him by one of the arena-slaves, to subject Felix to the further humiliation being publicly sodomized again, by having his tight little puckered arse-hole impaled.
Felix could still grunt, and now he grunted repeatedly as Ephebus pushed the heavy, bulbous end of the baton against Felix's tightly clenched 'hole'.
Slowly the pink, wrinkled rosette gradually opened, while Felix gurgled and grunted.
Finally the ring of muscle gave way, and the bulging end of the baton slid into the wriggling boy's rectum.
With a bit more pushing at least half the baton disappeared inside poor Felix, and his gleaming, hairless belly bulged. 
The poor boy then twisted round, and looked up at Ephebus.
Felix's eyes looked to his erstwhile with incredulity.
He couldn't believe what Ephebus had done to him.
"You're not fucking my arse with that, are you ? You've pushed it in too far ! You're fuckin' killing me !"
Poor Felix, by then fatally impaled, then began squirming on the sand, pissing over himself as he writhed, while Ephebus stood over his mutilated, dying young opponent, grinning broadly as he accepted the enthusiastic applause and cheers of the crowd.
With his legs kicking wildly, and piss splattering everywhere, Felix unintentionally gave the crowd a 'good show' in his final moments, exposing his impaled, fouled anus, and revealing his mutilated, bloody crotch.
When Ephebus had castrated the young lad, he had handed Felix the severed balls, which Felix now held on to tightly, as he went through his last, obscene convulsions on the sand.


Finally, Ephebus lifted his writhing opponent off the sand, turned him over, and dropped the young lad onto his belly.
As the handle of the sword hit the sand, it forced the blade further into young Felix's guts and the poor boy spat out his penis, and sobbed to his young tormentor,
"Please - no ! I don't wanna die ! Fuckin' help me ! - I still got my 'bum-hole', you can still fuck me ! Fuckin' spare me an' I'll be your 'bum-boy' !".
Felix suggestion was, of courses, crazy, as he would soon die as a result of having his guts mangled, even if the physicians managed to patch up his mutilated crotch.
Ignoring the pathetic, crazy pleas of his one-time friend and lover, young Ephebus then took the boy's own sword and rammed it into Felix's back, skewering the boy's heart, pinning him to the sand, and 'finishing' him in one thrust.
"Cunt ! Cunt ! Cunt !", Felix grunted loudly, as his arms and legs jerked and kicked about convulsively for a few moments.
Then impaled and castrated, Felix vomited blood as he breathed his last, while the crowd cheered, and Ephebus stood triumphantly over his lifeless, castrated, naked young friend !
The arena-slaves then stripped Felix's mutilated corpse of its arm and leg guards. The hands and feet of the naked boy's corpse were still twitching, but then corpses often do twitch for some time, and there was no doubt that Felix was well and truly dead.

Ephebus and Felix
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The arena slaves hung the dead eunuch's severed scrotum round its neck, tied wooden poles to the arms and feet, and then hung the naked, mutilated and impaled body from the arena-wall !
Ephebus, in his tiny, sexy little loincloth, knowing from the cheers and applause that the men wanted to fuck him, and the girls wanted to be fucked by him, then posed provocatively beside his dead opponent.
Then, just to show the crowd how macho he was, and what little feeling he had for his one-time lover, Ephebus got hold of the baton that was poking down straight from between the corpse's legs and started thrusting it up and down, effectively fucking the corpse.
The naked, mutilated body jiggled about on the rope, and Felix's head, with his face still wearing the shocked, horrified expression from the moment that he died, flopped about in an unpleasant parody of life.
Some in the crowd laughed, but most of the audience thought it was all in rather bad taste, and that Ephebus should have left the arena after receiving the applause of the crowd, and left his dead friend to simply hang from the arena wall.
When Ephebus realized that fucking his dead friend with a wooden baton was not being appreciated, he sheepishly stopped, and left the arena, having rather spoiled his moment of glory.
Little did the handsome, sexy young lad realize then that he would soon be hanging naked in exactly the same way, - but minus his head, which would be lying on the sand beneath the feet of his own mutilated, naked corpse !



Grachus' scouts seemed to have a remarkable ability to find unusually 'well-endowed' boys when they 'trawled' the back-streets and alley-ways of the city looking for 'arena-fodder'.
In this case they found a dark haired, young Latin boy called Marcus.
Marcus was hired out to a number of patrician parties, but his pugnacious attitude soon found him training to be a boy-gladiator.
As a boy-gladiator, he raped and killed a number of younger opponents, but for some reason, despite being remarkably 'well-endowed' and 'raunchy', he was never popular with the crowd. Pandering to the crowd's dissatisfaction with the boy, Grachus decided to match Marcus with a much older and more experienced gladiator.
Calvius was one of the most brutal and sadistic of Grachus' 'stable' of fighters, and it was certain that young Marcus would be defeated and killed in this fight.
Calvius was old for a gladiator, and was slightly running to fat, although he was very muscular. He was called Calvius because his head was completely shaven.
Marcus, apparently oblivious to the appalling fate that undoubtedly awaited him, entered the arena wearing a broad grin and almost nothing else.
His only clothing were arm-guards and a slave collar, and everyone's attention was centered on the young lad's well-filled scrotum and huge 'tool', which was accentuated by his total lack of pubic hair.
The fight began with the usual sparing, with bald Calvius, kitted out in boots, arm-guards, a very full, bulging loincloth and a bronze helmet.
Calvius used a spear against Marcus' sword and small, round shield.
Early on, 'horny' little Marcus, who already had a very strong erection, seeing the huge bulge in Calvius' loincloth, went for a sword thrust to Calvius' groin, probably with the intention of castrating his older opponent.
Calvius skilfully deflected his young opponent's sword.
"Right, son ! If you want to play fuckin' serious see how you like this !", and Calvius then countered with a spear thrust to young Marcus' smooth, hairless belly.
The spear found its mark, and the poor, naked boy was instantly skewered as the crowd applauded and cheered !
Squealing in pain, Marcus dropped his sword and shield, and fell to his knees on the sand.
The poor boy, losing control of his bladder, then looked down in horror to see his stiff cock jerking up as it sprayed a huge fountain of piss over the sand.
While the crowd were laughing at Marcus pissing himself, Calvius immediately released his grip on the spear, and while young Marcus writhed on the sand, holding on to the jerking spear poking out of his convulsing belly, Calvius removed his helmet in order to get a better look at his defeated young opponent.
Calvius then ripped off the boy's arm-guards, leaving the lad stark-bollock-naked, except for his slave-collar.
Calvius then pulled the spear out of the moaning boy's belly, and seeing that the young lad was not too badly hurt, and also still had a prominent erection, he told the boy to 'wank', and 'give a good show' if he wanted to leave the arena alive.
"Alright ! I'll wank, sir !", Marcus replied in a panicky voice, and grabbed hold of his stiff, jerking prick, and started using his fist in the usual way to try and give himself an orgasm, so that the crowd would be satisfied, and his life would be spared.
After a lot of jerking about on the sand, pulling his tight foreskin up and down over his bulging pink 'knob', the young lad finally achieved his goal.
"There ! I'm cumming, sir !", Marcus groaned, and squirted his 'boy-juice' over the sand to the cheers of the crowd.
Everyone, except perhaps Marcus, knew, however, that even if the poor lad had flooded the arena with his 'spunk', he was still going to be 'finished-off' by his brutal, sadistic opponent.
Calvius then pulled the groaning lad to his feet and bent him over.
"No ! Please, sir ! Don't do this !", Marcus wailed, realizing that Calvius was going to fuck him in front of the crowd.
"Come on son ! They've paid to see me fuck you ! Can't disappoint them !".
Then, while the crowd cheered, Calvius pulled down the front of his loincloth, got out his huge stiff, swollen penis.
Fortunately, young Marcus bent over, looking at the sand and was facing away from his bald opponent, so he didn't see Calvius' monstrous 'tool'.
Calvius, of course, was well known for defeating young' boy-gladiators', and then ripping open the boy's anus with his huge penis, as he raped the poor lad in front of the crowd.
Grabbing hold of Marcus' slim hips, Calvius wasted no time, and rammed his huge, thick 'tool' up poor Marcus' cute tight little backside.
"No ! Not up my 'bum-hole' !', Marcus pleaded, squirming as he was slowly impaled on Calvius huge 'meat rod'.
"Please, sir It's too big !", Marcus then groaned, as his tight little 'rosebud' was split open by Calvius monsterous 'member'.
There then followed a long, brutal rape, with young Marcus moaning with each thrust of Calvius huge, heavily veined , thick 'tool'.
Eventually the poor boy had a second orgasm while being raped.
"Oh no ! i'm gonna squirt again !", young Marcus moaned, as he squirted out repeated ropes of creamy 'boy-juice', while he jerked around helplessly under the onslaught of Calvius' repeated thrusts.
Then Calvius 'climaxed'. "Oh fuckin' shit !", he groaned loudly, as he spent repeated spurts of thick, creamy 'seed' over the lad's firm, naked buttocks.
As soon as Calvius had finished raping young Marcus, the naked boy sank to his knees on the sand.
By now Marcus had probably realized that he was going to be 'finished-off', and he started pleading pathetically to Calvius and the crowd to be allowed to leave the arena alive.
"Please let me go, sir ! Please don't kill me ! You've already 'had' me so you know I'm good - an' I'll be your bum boy after this ! You can have me whenever you want ! An' I'll suck you off - I'm really good at that, an'....."
"Shut up ! You stupid little cunt !", Calvius shouted at poor Marcus, who was blubbering almost incoherently.
Calvius was now handed a sword by one of the arena-slaves, and Marcus obviously knew that all his pleading had been useless, and he was probably 'finished' !
Calvius then made a thrust to Marcus' groin, taking off the boy's prick and balls in one cut. Marcus squealed horribly, as he felt the blade go down through the root of his penis, and then sever his cords and his scrotum. Instantly he doubled-up, clutching his mutilated crotch, while the crowd cheered, and Calvius bent down to pick up the naked boy's severed genitals.
"Oh no ! I've bee castrated !", Marcus groaned, stating the obvious, while the crowd laughed and sniggered.
Calvius then held up the poor boy's severed, 'privates' to show the crowd, and while the crowd cheered even more loudly, poor young Marcus looked up, from where he was kneeling on the sand, at the bloody, mutilated symbols of his boy-hood and began sobbing.
Calvius then dropped the severed sex-parts on the sand disdainfully, and turned to Marcus.
"Please don't finish me, sir !', Marcus sobbed. "I don't wanna die !".
"What use is a sexless boy to anyone ?", Calvius replied cruelly, and with that he plunged his sword into Marcus' neck.
The naked, castrated boy groaned, "Oh fuck !", and sat for a few moments as blood pumped from his neck, piss sprayed from the bloody stump that had been his penis, and shit dropped from his gaping, torn arse-hole onto the sand.
Marcus then looked with wide, disbelieving eyes at Calvius and then to the crowd.
"Help !" he grunted, and then the naked boy then toppled over onto the sand, vomiting blood as he fell.
For a few seconds the sexless young boy's hands and feet twitched convulsively, but he was already dead
The boy's naked, mutilated, bloody corpse was then dragged, by the legs, by the arena-slave to the arena-wall, his severed genitals were tied round his neck, and Marcus' corpse was hoisted up to hang beside young Felix.



In the gladiatorial fights young Ephebus had defeated Felix, and Calvius had defeated Marcus.
The naked, emasculated bodies of the two dead boys had been dragged away and hung from the arena-wall.
Grachus, of course, wanted to be rid of not just Felix, but also Ephebus, and because Ephebus had turned out to be quite a good fighter, Grachus chose a much older and more experienced fighter, Calvius, to make sure that Ephebus was 'finished-off' that afternoon.
For this fight Calvius had put on stout leather cross-belts and a small, leather breast-plate to give himself added protection, as he had already seen young Ephebus quickly and swiftly defeat the boy Felix, and he probably didn't want to take any chances, even although the odds were massively stacked against Ephebus.
Ephebus had also put on leather cross-belts, although he still only wore his tiny 'cachè-sex', which was already 'tented' by his stiffening 'tool' !
Both gladiators were fighting with swords and shields, and soon metal clashed against metal as the fight commenced.
Predictably, Ephebus was quickly outclassed by his more experienced opponent, and early on the young lad sustained a sword thrust to his arm, and went down on his knees, groaning and dropping his sword and shield, as the crowd cheered.
While the arena-slaves moved Ephebus' sword and shield away to the side of the arena-wall so that the wounded boy couldn't retrieve them later in the fight, the crowd cheered once again as Calvius unbuckled his belt, letting his loincloth slip down onto the sand, revealing his huge, stiff cock, well-filled, hairy scrotum, and superb, muscular buttocks.
Without bothering to strip young Ephebus, whose backside was exposed anyway, Calvius pushed the moaning boy forwards, and guided his huge, thick 'tool' past the thin cord running between Ephebus' buttocks, and up against the young lad's tight little puckered anus.
"No ! Please !", Ephebus cried, as he foolishly and pointlessly tried to hold his anal 'ring' tightly closed, denying big Calvius the right to penetrate him.
"Come on, you stupid cunt ! - Open up !", Calvius grunted, as he started to push against the boy's tight little 'ring'. "
"No ! Please don't ! Not up my bum-hole !", Ephebus groaned, knowing that if he let Calvius in, then his anus would be inevitably ripped open by the big gladiator's huge 'tool'. Calvius, of course, refused to be denied by a mere 'slip of a boy', and grabbed Ephebus slim hips, and pushed his own hips forwards, forcing his huge penis against the young lad's anus.
"Cunt !", Ephebus groaned, as his 'ring' was slowly spread open, and the huge, exposed knob of Calvius' 'tool' slowly forced its way into the squirming boy, ripping Ephebus' anus open in the process. Finally the 'head' of Calvius' penis disappeared inside the poor boy, and immediately Ephebus squealed as he was fully penetrated by the massive bulk of Calvius' truly enormous prick.
Calvius then began thrusting, with Ephebus groaning and squirming beneath him.
Eventually, after a long, brutal rape, Calvius approached his climax. As his huge, hairy, swinging balls pulled up into his even hairier crotch, Calvius looked round at the crowd with a big grin on his face, and with glazed eyes. "I'm fuckin' cummin' !", he moaned, as the crowd cheered in obvious approval.
Then, as he felt his spunk pumping up his huge shaft, he pulled his prick out of the groaning boy, and holding his throbbing 'tool', he proceeded to squirt ropes of his thick, vigorous seed all over young Ephebus' firm, boyish buttocks !
"Oh shit ! I'm really cummin' !", Calvius grunted, as he guided his huge prick from side to side, ensuring that both hemispheres of Ephebus smooth buttocks were completely drenched in his hot, thick semen.
As soon as Calvius had finished raping young Ephebus and drenching him with spunk, he replaced his belt and loincloth, and ordered the arena-slaves to strip the boy completely naked.
"Oh no, Calvius ! Please don't let these guys show my 'privates' to the crowd!", the raped boy begged pathetically, as one of the arena slaves grabbed Ephebus' arms, while the other slave grabbed hold of Ephebus' G-string. The slave holding Ephebus' tiny 'cachè-sex' looked over to Calvius. "The little tosser's 'creamed in his g-string !", he said to Calvius, ginning. Calvius looked down and immediately saw the dark stain of Ephebus' boy--juice on the pristine, white pouch, showing that the boy had 'cum' while he was being fucked. The arena-slave then looked to Calvius for confirmation to strip Ephebus. "No ! Please !", Ephebus called to Calvius, but Calvius simply nodded, and the grinning arena-slave simply ripped off the squirming boy's tiny spunk-stained G-string.
Immediately Ephebus' stiff 'tool', which had been 'tenting' the pouch of his incredibly brief loincloth from the beginning, was finally released, and stuck out, strong and stiff, from the boy's neat, small 'bush' of curly black pubic hair. "Oh shit ! The crowd can see my 'hard-on' !", Ephebus moaned, as he looked down to see his prick jerking about obscenely.
The slaves then proceeded to remove the boy's arm-guards, cross-belts and cotton leggings, leaving him stark 'bollock-naked', apart from his slave-collar !
The sight of young Ephebus, stark naked, with his neat little black curly bush, pink, hairless balls and his unusually large (for his age), stiff, jerking prick immediately got Calvius, who was well known for his liking of pretty young boys, very aroused for the second time.
Immediately Calvius pulled away the pouch of his loincloth, revealing once again to the cheering crowd his own enormous, stiff 'tool'.
Calvius then strutted around the arena, showing off his huge, jerking cock to the crowd, as he ordered the arena-slaves to tie Ephebus' hands behind his back.
Once the boy was tied up, Calvius got Ephebus to bend over, and once again he rammed his massive prick into the young lad's backside !
"Shit ! You're too fuckin' big !", Ephebus moaned, as he staggered on the sand, under the vicious onslaught of Calvius' thrusting. The naked young lad, however, got extremely aroused as Calvius huge shaft pumped in and out of his horribly stretched rectum.
"Oh shit ! You're makin' me so fuckin' horny !", Ephebus moaned, as he took the onslaught from Calvius' huge 'tool'. With each thrust from Calvius, Ephebus jerked forwards, and his own massively erect penis jerked upward, slapping against his smooth, muscular belly. All this jerking and slapping gave Ephebus' exposed 'knob' plenty of stimulation, and the repeated thrusts of Calvius' huge cock rubbing against Ephebus' prostate slowly got the naked lad so sexed-up that he eventually 'climaxed'.
"Oh shit ! I'm cummin' !", Ephebus groaned, as he started squirting great ropes of 'boy-juice' over the sand.
Calvius, however, kept thrusting and moaning, as it took him much longer to reach his orgasm than young Ephebus, which pleased the crowd, as they were enjoying watching this prolonged and brutal rape of a pretty, naked young boy.
Ephebus, of course, had finished cumming, and was simply jerking back and forth, with his semi-erect prick dribbling out a long string of spunk that waved about as it dangled from his flopping prick.
Eventually Calvius 'climaxed'.
"Fuck ! This is it !", he grunted, as he pulled his heavily veined, throbbing prick out of Ephebus' gaping arse-hole and squirted his thick, hot spunk over Ephebus' firm, muscular buttocks.
Once Calvius had finished, he ordered the arena-slaves to untie Ephebus, while he pulled up his loincloth, and adjusted his heavy genitals in the tight-fitting pouch
The arena-slaves then sat Ephebus down on the sand, but the naked lad was by now hysterically 'aroused' by the two rapes. 
"Shit, my fuckin' prick's gonna burst !", Ephebus groaned as he looked down at his huge, swollen, jerking 'tool'. Unable to restrain himself he then pushed his hips forward and up, ramming his massively hard cock into his fist, and started furiously wanking.
While the crowd laughed and jeered at the ridiculously 'raunchy' lad frantically 'tossing off', Calvius simply stood over the boy, with a big grin on his face, watching him 'perform'.
By now Ephebus' prick was standing almost vertically, and the boy was starring down at his huge heavily veined 'tool', as he frantically and repeatedly pulled his foreskin up and down over his massively swollen, pink, shiny 'knob'.
"Shit ! I gotta fuckin' cum !", Ephebus groaned, as he squirmed on the sticky, spunk-drenched sand, desperately trying to bring himself off. Then Ephebus finally 'climaxed'.
"Oh shit ! This is it ! I'm fuckin' cummin' !", the naked boy moaned.
Ephebus then let out a high pitched groan, and the crowd cheered, as ropes of thick, creamy spunk repeatedly squirted from his gaping cock-slit, and splattered in shiny white gobs all over the sand.
Calvius then used his sword to give the boy two superficial wounds on the chest, so that both the boy's pectoral muscles were then disabled. This of course ensured that the boy would be completely unable to defend himself in the final moments of the fight. Ephebus was then dragged over to the side of the arena, where he was forced to bend over. 
The naked boy was still highly aroused, and was probably expecting to be raped yet again. While he waited to be penetrated by Calvius' huge 'tool', Calvius was getting a large, thick wooden baton, and the young lad was clearly surprised when he felt a piece of cold wood being forced against his anus, instead of Calvius' hot, stiff prick.
After two rapes, Ephebus could no longer hold his torn 'ring' closed, and Calvius had no trouble pushing the large wooden baton deep into the naked lad's rectum.
Calvius had obviously skewered the boy with the baton in order to make sure that when he castrated the young lad, Ephebus would be fully erect, as a fighter mutilated with a full-blown erection always pleased the crowd.
In Ephebus' case this was hardly necessary, however, as the young lad seemed to be permanently 'aroused' !
Once Ephebus had the baton right up inside him, Calvius released him, and Ephebus staggered over to the center of the arena.
"Shit ! I gotta wank !", Ephebus grunted, as he struggled to cope with the baton which Calvius had rammed right up inside him.
The baton had gone far deeper into Ephebus than Calvius' penis, and the bulbous end had caught on the naked lad's prostate and made his incredibly 'horny'. 
Ephebus then spread his legs, and started using his fist on his hugely enlarged 'tool' yet again !
The crowd, of course, couldn't help but laugh at this horribly over-sexed boy who couldn't leave himself alone, even although he was only minutes away from being 'finished-off'. As the young lad worked frantically on his huge, stiff prick, and played provocatively with his balls, his anal muscles naturally contracted and relaxed repeatedly with the stimulation he was giving himself. This in turn caused the baton up his backside to back and forth, and this obscene display caused even more amusement in the crowd.
Now Ephebus seemed to have gone a bit crazy.
"Come on ! Look at my huge cock, an' my big balls ! Don't you wanna fuck me ? Don't you wanna suck with my huge cock, 'an lick my juicy bollocks ?" he shouted to the crowd as he furiously wanked.
As Ephebus had already climaxed twice during the fight, he took quite a bit longer to reach his orgasm, and while he was amusing the crowd by 'talking dirty' and 'playing with himself', Calvius picked up his sword, and stood behind the boy, getting ready to mutilate the naked young lad.
Calvius watched carefully as young Ephebus masturbated frantically, and when the naked boy's legs started to tremble, as he worked on his stiff tool, Calvius knew that the boy was approaching what would be his last ever orgasm. As soon as the baton started jerking violently in the boy's twitching anus, and his scrotum pulled up into his hairy groin, Calvius knew that Ephebus was going to have his 'climax'.
"Oh fuck ! This is it !", Ephebus squealed, and then, at the very moment when the first squirt of spunk spurted from the crazy boy's jerking prick, Calvius pulled the squirming boy to his feet by his tousled mop of thick, black hair.
Then, while Ephebus was still groaning, as he pumped out his spunk over the sand, Calvius deftly sliced at the naked lad's groin, taking off the squirming young boy's twitching, erect penis and both his testicles with one cut.
Ephebus was groaning with pleasure as he spurted his spunk, but moments later he was in agony as Calvius' sword sliced through the root of his prick, and the base of his scrotum, as his cords were cut and his testicles, along with his penis, were severed from his hairy groin and fell to the sand.
"Now you know what it felt like for young Felix !", Calvius said, laconically, looking straight at young Ephebus' face, which was now no longer boyish and handsome, but contorted in agony as he grabbed at his mutilated, bleeding crotch which was still squirting his creamy white 'boy-juice'.
Calvius, still holding young Ephebus by the hair, bent down and picked up the boy's severed genitals.
He then held them up, right in front of the struggling young lad's face.
"That'll teach you to shout your mouth off about you big cock and big balls - now you got nothing between your legs!", Calvius told Ephebus, as he let go of Ephebus hair, and the naked, completely castrated young lad flopped down onto the sand, groaning and sobbing, (the men always screamed, groaned and swore, but the young boys nearly always squealed, sobbed and cried when they had their 'privates' cut off).
Ephebus, who by then was only dribbling spunk onto the sand from his bloody stump, was now keeling on the sand, starring down and clutching at his mutilated groin, unaware of Calvius approaching him from behind. 
"I got no fuckn' prick - an' no fuckin bollocks !", Ephebus sobbed, "You've fuckin' castrated me - you cunt !", as Calvius grabbed Ephebus' hair once again, and pulled his head right up to expose his neck. Ephebus managed to squeak, "Oh no ! Don't... !", but then Calvius' sword sliced through his neck.
Calvius let go of Ephebus' hair, and immediately the naked, sexless boy's grimacing head fell to one side, and landed with a thud on the sand, to the deafening roar of the crowd.
Meanwhile, Ephebus' headless naked corpse, with the baton still rammed up its anus, sat upright on the sand.
One hand was clutching at its mutilated groin, while the other hand jerked up and waved uncontrollably, as if trying to stop the pumping fountain of blood spraying from the neck. After a few moments, however, the obscenely jerking, naked body slumped, and toppled over in a crumpled heap.
Calvius then raised his arms in a victorious gesture, as the roar of the crowd became a series of cheers and sustained applause for what was, admittedly, a spectacular 'kill'.
Meanwhile, the arena-slaves straightened out the tangled heap of twitching limbs, which passed for the dead eunuch's corpse, lying him on his belly, to show off the smooth muscular buttocks of his delectable backside, and they placed the severed boy's head by his side.
Ephebus' genitals were still lying on the sand and, as often happens when a fighter is killed while sexually aroused, the young lad's severed phallus was still erect, with both testicles still attached to it.
The baton was still protruding obscenely from between the two prominent, hemispheres of Ephebus' gleaming, boyish buttocks.
Ephebus' naked, impaled and mutilated corpse was then dragged by its legs to the side of the arena, strung up beside the two other dead boys.
The large severed genitals were tied round Ephebus' neck, and the dead young fighter's head, which was still wearing the shocked and horrified expression, with mouth open and eyes staring wildly, from the moment of death, was placed on the sand under the naked corpse's feet.

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